Almond Oil: Food for Hair

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About a year ago on a whim I cut my hair into a pixie. The short crop was great since I would have it styled in about 15 min, but I’m bored with this style and miss my long tresses. My hair is wavy so in order for it to look good I’d have to flat iron it every day. Quite boring for a cosmetologist I’d say.It’s time to grow out my hair! Its going to take a ton of dedication and self-control . Awkward phases and impatience await me on this journey to achieve long flowing locks. In an effort to speed up the process I decided to use almond oil.  I needed something I could do at home that was quick, easy, affordable, and healthy for your hair.

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Benefits of Almond Oil

  1.  Almond oil is packed with an amazing amount of nutrients, vitamins, proteins, and fatty acids. These include vitamins E and D, iron, magnesium, calcium, and omega 3, omega6, and omega9 fatty acids to name a few. Almond oil feeds the hair the nutrients needed to keep the hair at its healthiest.
  2.  It aids in growing the hair.
  3.  Gives your hair a beautiful shine,
  4.  Reduces scalp inflammation, dandruff and dead cells.
  5.  Helps with hair loss.
  6.  Strengthens hair follicles to aid in preventing breakage.

It’s crucial that you get the sweet almond oil. The sweet almond oil aids in hair and skin health. All you do is massage your head for a few minutes 2x a week. Let the product sit in your hair for a while before shampooing it out. That I can do!


OK, this picture looks a bit crazy. In my defense, I went out the night before to celebrate my boyfriend’s birthday and got home pretty late.  My hair had a mess of gunk in it from product and my ends were dry. My hair always looks crazy in the morning. Guess what helps with removing gunk and dry hair? Almond oil! The first thing I did was shampoo my hair to get rid of some of the massive amount of products I had in my hair. After that, I grabbed 1 tbsp of the almond oil and massaged in into my hair for about 5 or 6 minutes. Then I just let it sit in my hair as I continued with my day..


The second picture is my hair with the Almond Oil in it. My scalp felt slightly warm. I enjoyed the feeling. I left the oil in for a little over an hour. As you can see, the product just sits in the hair. There was no dripping involved. I suggest using a shower cap, hair cap, or warm towel wrap so the heat opens the pores on the scalp and assists in the absorption of the almond oil. Almond oil penetrates deep into the scalp and follicle slowly to ensure the hair and scalp is absorbing all of the nutrients it can. Finally, I was ready to rinse out the Almond Oil treatment. I used cold water to do so then shampooed my hair, skipping the conditioner. I felt my hair did not need the conditioner.

 The final picture shows my hair after the treatment was shampooed out and air dried. My hair looks shiny and felt soft to the touch. I don’t notice frizz, which I usually experience when my hair air dries. I also don’t see the dry ends nearly as much. My hair appears to be smoother as well. 


There are a couple other ways to apply the almond oil.

 Overnight Treatment 

  1. Apply Almond Oil in your hair after shampooing.
  2. Put your hair in a high bun or wrap your hair.
  3. Leave on overnight.
  4. In the morning, rinse with cold water and use a clarifying shampoo to wash your hair. You may need to use a conditioner after since clarifying shampoo can be quite strong.

    Note: Be sure to apply heat protectant in your hair prior to styling to make sure you are protecting your hair from harsh heat. Quality products are still essential to maintain hair health.


Warm Oil Treatment 

  1. Warm the Almond Oil prior to applying to your scalp and running through to your ends. Massage for a few minutes.
  2. Put on a shower cap, hair wrap, or warm towel around your hair and the treatment.
  3. After an hour, rinse with cold water and shampoo. If using a strong shampoo, condition the hair afterward.
  4. Protect your hair with a thermal protectant if you are styling. If you are air drying, apply product as usual. Remember quality products go a long way and are less damaging to your hair. 


I am happy and satisfied with the results and can’t wait until later on this week to apply the treatment once again. I will be testing this treatment out until the end of August to see how my hair has improved. I will be following up with my experience at that time.





















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